7 seconds to make a first impression

I’ve heard that it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression…

Last year, there was a popular tag circling the web called “the 7 second challenge”. It seems that other than devouring 3 jaffa cakes and almost choking to death, not much can be achieved in such a short time. (I wouldn’t recommend trying that. Savour your jaffa cakes.)

As you’re going to form a judgement of me/my blog within 7 seconds, I’ll keep this post short and hope that you continue to read my future posts in order to get to know me better!

I want this blog to be a mix between an online visual mood-board of fashion inspiration, and a place to share my general thoughts. I will post about trends I love, new additions to my wardrobe and makeup collection, my travel experiences, university life, and my philosophical musings.

It would be great if you would comment on my posts and interact with me, so I can get to know you too!

Ellie x


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